Candy Crush Soda Saga level 367

Hints and tips for level 367 Soda Saga
Level 367 has 2 boards, the first board has 10 bears hidden in the honey, there are also some fish and stripes hidden in the honey which will be useful.
The rest are hidden on the second board.
Fish are always helpful on honey bear levels as they will always go for a square with a bear under it. Switch the fish with a stripe for better effect.
You need to clear the first board with as few moves as possible if you are to have a chance of completing level 376 as the second board has thicker honey and the honey squares are more spaced out. I think you need around 20 moves to clear the second board.
Look carefully at the whole board before every move and especially look for patterns with the purple candies as these will help you a huge amount if you manage to get enough.
The fish dispensers at the top will drop fish fairly regularly, especially if you get cascades.
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