Candy Crush Soda Saga level 375

Tips and help for level 375 Soda Saga
Level 375 has four boards and you need to collect a total of 40 bears from the honey.
The first board is fairly easy and you can see all the bears, but it is imperative that you clear this board in 5 moves or less. You may be able to use up to 10 and still pass, but you will need a lot of luck with the rest of the boards.
Line the purple candies up and create a 4 column line blast in the first couple of moves or make a square for 4 or 5 fish, either of these moves will clear 4 or 5 of the 6 bears needed.
Any special candies left after you clear this board will drop down into the forth board when you get there so they will always be useful.

The second board is much more dependent on luck, you need to clear this within another 5 or 6 moves but it can be tricky if you don't get a good start. If you don't clear this board fairly quickly you may as well quit and start again. Once again try to use the purple candies in lines of 4 or 5 or squares, don't match them in threes unless you have no better move.
Any special candies you leave here will drop down into the third board as you play so nothing gets wasted.

The third board can be cleared very quickly if you are lucky with the purple candies, getting a line of 5 will go a long way towards clearing it. Work at the bottom to begin with to bring more purples into play and wrap patterns are possibly the best or lines of five. 

You need to have over 25 moves left going into the final board to have a good chance of clearing it.
It may be possible with less moves but will be difficult and will need lots of purple candies and luck.
The bears are hidden in the honey on the forth board so I have marked the positions of the most difficult ones in the image below.

There are 10 bears on this final board, but you will find the other 7 as you clear the honey, these three at the bottom will be the last to be uncovered so once you know where they are you can use stripes etc to uncover them.
The thick honey square in the middle of the board has a colour bomb under it, which won't help much unless you can switch it with another special candy. DON'T use a colour bomb on the purple candies! You want as many of those on the board as you can get.
Video below.

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