Candy Crush Soda Saga level 374

Tips and help for level 374 Soda Saga.
To pass this level you need lots of the dark purple candies, lets call them cough drops for now.
If you don't get many dropping onto the board you have very little chance of being able to clear it.
Try not to match the cough drops unless you have fours or fives, try to keep as many as you can on the board so you can make your specials with them easier.
The bottom corners are the hardest to clear so if you can get a cough drop wrap in the corners it will do a lot of clearing as you get a six by six area with the blast.
Better still are lines of five, this will clear a layer off the whole board and if you can get a colouring candy pattern you can sit back and watch the board clear itself, see the video below.
Take every opportunity to make the blast patterns with the cough drops as this is the only way to clear level 374.
As usual check the whole board before every move to make sure you don't miss any good moves and THINK about every move.
For example watch how the player leaves the orange stripe next to the colour bomb near the end because there are very few orange candies on the board. Instead the player looked for a better way to use the colour bomb and made another stripe.

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