Candy Crush Soda Saga level 330

Tips for level 330 Soda Saga
Since 330 is a honey bears level one of the most useful special candies is the fish, as this will find the bears even when you can't see them.
The first board has four bears to rescue and once you have them it will move down to the next section.
There are special candy dispensers at the top of the left and right columns which will drop stripes and wraps randomly as you play.
These can be useful if you get them down level with the honey, otherwise they will help to fill up the sprinkle shell if they explode on their own, as they often do.
You can save the special candies for later in the game if you don't need them.
The second part of the board also holds four bears.
There are 3 bears on the third section which leaves five for the final section.
Keep using the sprinkle shell as soon as it fills, either on the blue candies to refill it faster, or on a colour that will either clear more bears or give you a pattern for more specials like a colour bomb or colouring candy.
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