Candy Crush Soda Saga level 316

Tips for level 316 Soda Saga
This is a frosted bear level and there are 14 bears to rescue. Sometimes there may be less or more bears, but the strategy is the same in either case. Make as many special candies as you can!
matches of three will sometimes be your only option, but before every move make sure there is no better move first.
You will have to find the bears to rescue them as they are not always in the same position and you can't rely on the fish to find them for you.
There is a dispenser in the middle of the board which will drop fish when there is space for them to drop into.
Fish will go for any iced square regardless of whether there is a bear under it or not.
A fish switched with a stripe will be more useful, but best of all is a colour bomb or colouring candy, switched with just about any other special candy. This will clear a lot of frosting and uncover most of the bears.
As usual try to work at the bottom of the board to take advantage of any cascades, but look at the whole board first.
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