Candy Crush Soda Saga level 195

Hints and tips for level 195 Soda Saga
You need to rescue 7 bears from the frosting, which could be hidden anywhere on the board.
The licorice is more of a nuisance that a real problem as it can restrict your moves and block stripes, but the main task is to clear the cupcake blocker at the bottom of the board.
As usual combos are the answer, strip/wrap or colour bombs mixed with any other special candy.
Work at the bottom as much as possible to take advantage of any cascades, but don't let the licorice take over too much.
Fish are pretty much a waste of time unless you can switch them with a colour bomb or a stripe, but even switched with a stripe they may not go where you need them so I usually avoid wasting moves either making fish or switching them.
Especially look out for a colouring candy and switch with another special candy to clear more of the frosting.
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