Candy Crush Soda Saga level 150

Hints and tips for level 150 Soda saga
You only have to rescue one bubble bear to beat level 150 Soda saga, so concentrate on that only.
There is no need to clear the licorice except to burst the soda bottles and allow the bear to float up, so ignore any licorice that isn't blocking the way for the bear.
Stripes will not do much good with so much licorice on the board, but fish will always go to a soda bottle, so aim for making fish where possible.
Because the candies are floating upwards in the soda, try to work as high as you can on the board if it becomes possible so that you may get small cascades which will help move the bear up.
Combos will be needed to clear the way for the bear.. Colour bomb with wrap is a good combo, but anything is better than matches of 3, which are unlikely to be enough to rescue the bear.
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