Candy Crush Soda Saga level 300

Tips and tricks for level 300 Soda Saga
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Level 300 can be quite a fun level as there are three colouring candies provided at the start, see image below.
Here's the layout at the start.
with a bit of planning and luck you should be able to make a colour bomb and get it next to the colouring candy in the middle to get Rainbow Kimmy and clear a lot of the board in just a few moves.
However if you don't manage that the level is still doable in the moves provided and can be a lot of fun as it's easy to make special candies and combos with only five colours on the board.
 You can still pass if the moves don't work out exactly the same as the video, and sometimes the Rainbow Kimmy comes earlier than it did for me in the video.

video below.
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New video below without Rainbow Kimmy.