Candy crush Soda Saga level 259

Tips and tricks for level 259 Soda Saga
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Level 259 is a jam level, but the board is almost entirely covered in licorice at the start.
The licorice falls from the dispensers on either side of the board, so each time you match in the column below one of the dispensers more licorice will fall, so blocking your moves and combos.
The good news is that as long as you dissolve at least ONE piece of licorice with each move no more will fall down, so you can clear quite a lot to start with and give yourself space to make specials and combos.
The top corner squares are the hardest to get the jam in, so fill them as soon as you get a chance, don't leave them until last. Fish may get those hard to get squares for you as long as the fish are carrying jam, but if there is licorice on them the fish will only clear the licorice, they won't leave any jam, so make sure the difficult squares are clear of licorice before you try to spread the jam.
Work at the bottom as much as possible to take advantage of cascades, but check the whole board before every move and take your time, there's no time limit.
Video below.