Float the bears above the string

Some people have asked me to write tips on how to get the bears above the candy string, so I'll do my best!
At the start of most bubble bear levels there is little or no soda on the board so the candies will fall down from the top of the board as normal.
There are usually soda bottles hidden somewhere on the board, or they will fall down from the top as you play.
As you burst soda bottles the board will begin to fill with purple soda, one line with each soda bottle.
As the soda fills the board any candies, and the bear, which are below the level of the soda will float UPWARDS, so the line where the soda is up to is where the candies will meet, the ones below the soda will rise, and the ones above will fall.
When you are trying to move the bubble bear up to the string there is no point in making matches above the level of the soda as it will have no effect on anything below the level of the soda. The first thing you need to do is get the soda above the string, then you can get the bear above it.
Once the soda is above the string you will need to make matches above the string to float the bear up. 
A stripe, or a stripe/wrap combo is good for getting the bear above the string once the soda is high enough.
On some levels you may have to move the bear sideways in the soda, but the principle is always the same, anything in the soda will move in the opposite direction from anything outside the soda.

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laholly1 said...

Great tip! Well written, complete, with the key to the problem. I thought getting them above the string had something to do with exchanging the candies, but it's getting the soda above the string!!! I hadn't figured that out! Thanks :-)