Clear the chocolate.

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There are two kinds of chocolate in Candy Crush Soda Saga, the normal brown chocolate, which grows one square at a time, and white chocolate, which grows two squares each move.
To start with you will only encounter brown chocolate in Candy Crush Soda Saga, which has to be totally cleared from the board to pass the level, unlike the original Candy Crush Saga, where the chocolate is just an inconvenience and doesn't have to be cleared completely to pass.
The brown chocolate will only grow after you make a move, and then ONLY if you don't clear at least one piece.
There are two ways to clear the chocolate, the first is to make a match beside a chocolate square, as long as one of the candies you matches touching the chocolate it will dissolve. Any chocolate squares touching any of the candies you match will be destroyed, also if cascades cause matches next to the chocolate they will destroy it.
If you look at the picture above you will see that I can match the three orange candies above the chocolate and the three pieces of chocolate touching them will be destroyed, however if I were to match the yellows the chocolate would grow by one square.
The second way to destroy the chocolate is with the blast from special candies or combos.
The chocolate locked in the licorice strings has to be hit twice, once to unlock it and a second time to eat it, however it can still grow!
White chocolate will be introduced later in the game and works slightly differently.
White chocolate can grow over itself so it has two layers and it will grow one square out and one square over after every move that doesn't destroy any.
In the picture above the white chocolate is two layers so has to be matched next to twice to clear it.
The image below shows some single layer and some double layer as I have cleared some.
A fish switched with another special candy is very useful for getting chocolate in corners or other difficult places.