Candy Crush Soda Saga level 128

Tips for level 128 Soda Saga
Level 128 has white chocolate, which grows faster than the normal brown chocolate, but the good thing is that at the start of the level it's confined behind honey so can't escape until you clear some of the honey.
To begin with make as many special candies as you can, stripes, wraps and colour bombs. Switch your specials together to make combos wherever possible. A fish and stripe switched together can be useful if they go where you want them to, but more often than not they don't and a stripe will be wasted. Worth a try if it's the best move though.
Once the chocolate has been released from the honey try to make every move destroy a piece unless you can make a good combo elsewhere.
Stripe and wrap switched together is very good for clearing a lot of chocolate, but you have to keep making combos if you are to clear the chocolate.
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