Soda Saga tickets and lives

Problems with sending and receiving tickets and lives in Candy Crush Soda Saga are very common and here are a few tips to help you get your tickets and lives and move on.

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First of all if you are having problems receiving lives that you know have been sent to you on PC and laptops only.
Clean your browser and reload the game as it could be as simple as that. Then follow the tips below.
If that doesn't work uninstall the game from your FB account by going to the Soda Saga icon on the left of your newsfeed and on the left you will see an edit button. Click on that and it will give you the option to remove app. See image below.

Once that is done, Click HERE to open the game. You should then see your requests.
If you are sending out ticket requests and not getting the tickets back, especially on Apple products, try this tip from one of our Candy Crush Gamers.When in CCSS, try logging out of FB, shut down CCSS, remove it from cache (double click the start button, find CCSS, then sweep that window up), open CCS, then log back into FB. I do this at least 3 times a day just to make sure I answer all requests. Hope this helps.

Sending requests in Soda Saga
If you need to send requests for lives or tickets type in the name of the person you want to send the request to, make sure the person you want is checked, then click send.. 
When you first open the game and see ticket requests from your friends WAIT until the picture is fully visible before sending tickets as they will not be sent if the picture is still forming when you click on send.
Here is what the pictures look like when you first load the game. Any requests sent while the pictures are unformed will not be received by your friends.

Wait until you can see their pictures completely before sending. See below.
If you follow the tips above you and your friends should have less trouble sending and receiving your tickets.
You may only need tickets for the earlier levels of the game, once you pass level 60 you are unlikely to need tickets again.
Thanks to Dale Dyson for the above information.