Candy Crush Soda Saga level 96

Tips for level 96 Soda Saga
On level 96 the board moves sideways from left to right instead of the normal top to bottom, so it can be a bit confusing to begin with.
The aim is the same as on all honey bear levels, try to make every move either touch the honey to clear some, or make a special candy to use to better effect.
Remember, look to the left when you make a move, to see what candies are going to fill in the space you leave with your moves.
On the second board there are only 2 bears and the easiest way to clear them is with a fish matched with a vertical stripe.
The third board is the hardest as you may not have many moves left, but any specials candies you made on the earlier boards and didn't use will come through into the last one and help you collect the last 6 bears.
To sum up. Make as many fish and other specials candies as you can in the first 2 boards and try to save any you don't need for the last board.
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