Soda Saga level 160

Soda Saga level 160 has been changed yet again! Whilst still not easy it is now very doable..
The strategy is similar to before, use vertical stripes and stripe / wrap combos to clear some honey and open the 2 colour bombs..Then you have a choice, you can either switch the two colour bombs as before, or switch the top one with the stripe if there are a lot of candies the same colour as the stripe, but I would still switch the colour bombs..
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Soda Saga level 160 is the most challenging level yet and I don't know many people who have passed this without either using lollipop boosters or extra moves, or both.
Here are some tips I've worked out from playing this level hundreds of times.
The first thing to do is make vertical stripes, anywhere will help but the 3 middle columns are the most important. If you can manage to make a colour bomb or colouring candy only use them switched with a stripe, or each other.
You need to hit the two columns either side of the centre twice to uncover the licorice, and the centre column once to uncover the 2 colour bombs.
Once the colour bombs are uncovered make sure you don't lose them by hitting them again with a stripe or a fish as you need to switch them together to clear a layer of honey, but I have found that unless there is at least one layer of licorice uncovered beside them there isn't much point using them.
Before you switch them try to make a wrapped candy, above either the middle column or one that has the licorice exposed, then when you switch the colour bombs the wrap will explode, but will fall down into the bottom half and explode again, clearing an area for candies to fall into, then with luck you will be able to start making matches in the bottom half.
REMEMBER, it is very important that you check the top half of the board before every move as even though you are working to clear the bottom you don't want to miss the chance of colour bomb and colouring candy combos which may appear in the top half.
If you have any chance, at any time, to match a colour bomb and a colouring candy do it! This is the most powerful combo in the game and will go a long way towards clearing the board.
But combos of any kind are the only way to defeat level 160, matches of 3 and 4 just won't do it in the moves available.
Below is the only video I found on Youtube made without boosters or extra moves.