Candy Crush Soda Saga level 155

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 155 Soda Saga without boosters
Level 155 Soda Saga is a challenging level because your moves are limited in number and there are a lot of bears to rescue.
You have 50 moves to rescue 35 bears from honey. The board is very long and you are not able to see the whole of it on the screen, so each section has to be cleared before you move on to the next. Each section has 5 bears to rescue and the first 3 boards are fairly easy, but as you get lower down the board the honey gets thicker so you need to save as many moves as possible for the last section.
The licorice on the right seems to serve no purpose, but there is a colouring candy sitting at the top of the licorice column and as you move down the board the more licorice you can remove with your combos the more likely it is that you will be able to use the colouring candy to help you clear the final section.
However, don't waste moves on trying to clear the licorice, just use as many combos, especially stripe / wrap combos, as you can make and they will clear some of the licorice.
 You should be able to clear each board in 3 or 4 moves to begin with.
As usual with honey levels fish can be very useful as they will target the squares containing bears. So make fish as often as possible and switch them with either each other or another special candy for maximum effect.
Keep an eye on the colouring candy on the right and try not to detonate it with stripes.
Don't waste combos, eg: if you have a colour bomb next to a fish but only need to collect one bear, use the fish on its own if you can and save the colour bomb for later.
If you have any special candies that you don't need try to save them as they will drop down to the lower sections as you play. Especially try to save the colouring candy, and the colour bomb you will uncover as you go as they will help enormously on the last stage. It isn't the end of the world if you lose the colouring candy, as long as you have enough moves left at the end it can still b e done.
On the final stage clearing the licorice will allow the colouring candy to fall into play and it will be enormously useful if you can switch it with another special candy.
But simply switching the colouring candy with a single candy may help to make more combos.
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