Candy Crush Soda Saga level 72

Tips for level 72 Soda Saga
Level 72 is a bubble bear level with multiple boards and 70 moves.
The bear moves along a single tube which is separate from the rest of the board, so apart from the rare occasions when you can make matches in the tube the only way to move the bear along the tube to the candy string is by using special candies.
Fish switched with other specials are the most useful, in the first couple of boards where the bear is moving sideways, a fish switched with a horizontal stripe will clear the whole line and move the bear along.
Here are a few things to remember about using fish.
A fish will always hit a soda bottle if there is one available.
A fish will randomly hit a blocker if there are no soda bottles.
If there are no bottles or blockers a fish will hit the candy directly in front of the bubble bear.
The fish will always behave in the above ways whether it is alone or carrying another special candy, so it is always wise to get rid of blockers so your fish will go where you want them to go.
In level 72 fish are the most useful to make, but colour bombs are also very good to have, especially if you can match them with another special, but even used alone on the right colour they can move the bear along.
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