Candy Crush Soda Saga level 45

Tips for level 45 Soda Saga
The board is very restricted at the start of level 45 so the main priority is to open it up a bit to give you better moves.
To begin with you won't have much choice of where to move and whether you can pass this level will depend a lot on the first few moves opening up the board.
If you are unlucky and the chocolate starts to take over it's sometimes less stressful to quit and start again and see if you get a better board.
Try to make every move EITHER make a special candy, set off a combo OR take some chocolate, or better still 2 of the above!
Once the board is opened a little start to work at the bottom as much as possible so you can take advantage of cascades taking out more chocolate.
Remember the most important thing is to stop and check the board before every move so you don't miss any good moves.
A colouring candy and colour bomb combo will wipe out the whole board so is worth working for 
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