Candy Crush Soda Saga level 235

Tips for level 235 Soda Saga
 By Wendy
1. Figure out which side your Fish ticket is on and work that the best you can. 
2. You have 1 bear in the middle always and he is surrounded by special candies, work on him next. **It will want you to make lots of fish, they are only good on the top section because the bottom is like breaking thru If it's your only play, make them but try to use them with special candy. I got a few good boards and had 17 moves left to clear the bottom. 
3. To get thru the bottom you need lots of wrapped candy/color bombs combo's. I did have to use an extra move but once your on the bottom section, you should get lots of those combo's. It is hard but if you get that lucky board, you will get it. Just be careful of making lots of fish. They are helpful up top but without a combo, not much on the bottom. 
Video below

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