Candy Crush Soda Saga level 185

Tips for level 185 Soda Saga
Level 185 is a brutally hard level, with multi layer honey covering the 23 bears you need to rescue.
In the hundreds of times I have played this level I have found that wrapped candies are the most effective if placed close to the honey.
To start with though you will have to use some stripes to break into the honey and give yourself space to make big combos.
If you are lucky enough to be able to get a colour bomb and colouring candy together they will clear loads of honey and expose the bears.
Failing that work your way into the bottom half using any special or combo you can make.
Once you have an opening into the honey try to get wraps in there to cause more damage. At this stage a colour bomb/wrap or colouring candy/wrap are brilliant for causing mass destruction in the honey.
There is no easy way to complete level 185 and there are no special tricks apart from the ones I have given above.
Level 185 needs lots of combos and even more luck!
Video below.

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