Candy Crush Soda Saga level 208

Tips for level 208 Soda Saga
Fish, fish and more fish will get you past this level!
At the start you need to break through the honey for two reasons.
Firstly the fish are just as likely to go to honey as licorice so you could waste any fish you make at the start.
Second removing the line of honey will give you a bigger playing area to make your fish.
Other special candies are not totally wasted on level 208, but are best switched with a fish or each other. Wraps are only any good if you switch them with either a fish or stripe.
Stripe / wrap combos can remove 3 lots of licorice or whatever soda bottles are in line with them, but ultimately the fish will clear the bottles.
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Anonymous said...

I've had 7 of the 8 several times, but the 8th won't show up. with enough moves to take care of it???