Candy Crush Soda Saga level 175

Tips for level 175 Soda Saga
In the first stage of level 175 try to make every move hit the honey to help clear it. The candies move in from the side so think carefully when you make a move where the candies will come to rest.
Make fish whenever you can and save them for the second board, but use as few moves as possible because you will need them for the fourth and final board.
The second and third boards are fairly easy but the fourth is the hardest as the honey is thicker.
Fish are the most useful on the last board as there is licorice blocking any stripes you try to use. Any specials you made on earlier boards will eventually make it through to this one, so they will not be wasted. A fish switched with any other special candy will be the best way to clear this level as the fish will carry the special over the licorice to best effect.
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