Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 1176 tips and video

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1176 Candy Crush Soda Saga by Cookie
The task is to get the bubble bear up to the candy string in only 20 moves!
In my opinion this is totally impossible to achieve without boosters and almost impossible with boosters.
There are two ways to pass using boosters
The first way is to use a jeely fish booster and make as many fish as you can to clear the peppermint sticks, then when you get to the final board, as long as you have a couple of moves left, use lollipop hammers and/or srtriped hammers, to clear the final peppermint stick and get the beat to the top.
This is they method I used in the video below, although in previous games I could have used less hammers.
The second way is to use two hand switches to move the bear to one side of the peppermint sticks, then move it up without having to clear the peppermint sticks. If you use the second method you can't rely on the fish to be of much help because they will keep going to the peppermint sticks, which you don't need to clear.
The board will only move up when the bear is in the top row, so you will need to use stripes or stripe/wrap combos to get it to the top.
Either way there is no guarantee that you will be able to pass level 1176, so if you have no boosters it may be worth waiting until it is changed and made possible.
Video below using boosters.
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Anonymous said...

Awful level but after about a week a lucky board got me to the final screen with a couple of moves left, I didn't have any line blasters or hammers but 3 free switches from my daily free boosters got me over the line after a lot of careful thought!

Maria Valéria said...
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Maria Valéria said...

This level was made easier, but it still remains hard. There are 27 moves now, and it is hard, but possible to win it without boosters.
I made this level with 1 move left, without boosters.
I think te secret is to get in the third and fourth boards with many moves remaining as possible. The third board is the hardest to make, because you need to take the bear in the very top in order to go to the fourth board, and the fishes goes on the licorice, not on the top. So,don't waste moves; try to make special combos with fishes, wrapped or colour bombs.
In the fourth board, you can move the bear to the left or right sides, before or after clear the peppermint stick ,if it is possible; because there are less blockers than in the central part of the board and than it is easier to take the bear above the string ; with striped or wrapped candies.
It was really a hard level, but I made it! Plan your moves carefully , and with a bit of luck you will make this one too. ;-)

luckylau said...

Ok...I can't even get to the 4th board...really...

Margareta Sarring said...

Level 1176 with 25 moves is impossible with or without boosters. It finally made me see how pointless this game is. So goodbye King. Some of it was fun.

Lola2001 said...

What are daily boosters?

He said...

Stupid level. Impossible without a lucky board.

Janice said...

I did it in less than a day without boosters. Lots of failures before it happened. Involved a lucky board and some well-placed fish. Couldn't believe I wrapped that peppermint stick on the last board, and after it blew upward and unlocked all the candies, the little bear was almost at the top and I still had four moves left. Truly, it's always about a lucky board.