Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 1111 tips

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 1111 Candy Crush Soda Saga without boosters by Allina & Cookie
For this level you have to rescue three bears. Board one has one bear and then board 2 has two bears.
For board one: First work as low on the board as you can to remove licorice and hopefully get some cascades going to help remove more.
Once you can get to the center ice cube, you need to strike it 3 times to release the bear. Once the bear is released, pop soda bottles to raise the soda levels and push the bear through the candy string. The soda bottles you need come down from the middle, so clear the frosting there, then the outside columns, so you will need to make moves in those outside columns to get the bottles to drop.
You need to save as many moves as you can for the second part of the board, which is almost a different level on it's own.
There are 2 ways to clear the second part of the board, the first way is to go for the peppermint sticks with everything you have left. With each peppermint stick both bears move up at the same time.
The second way, and this uses less moves but needs a bit of luck, is to make fish and vertical stripes and switch them together. The fisj will target the soda bottles on the left and two of these combos will clear the way to the top, where a couple of double fisj combos, or the peppermint sticks, will finish the job.
Although level 1111 is not classified as a hard level on the board I found it a lot harder that many others.
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Anonymous said...

Has anyone passed this stupid level????????

luckylau said...

No..lucky to get to the 2nd board, oh wait...when I get there I have 3 moves left....another 3 month level

Anonymous said...

Here's how this one works. You play endlessly for weeks and then suddenly you only need one move to win. Except that one move is going to cost you $$$.