Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 915

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 915 Candy Crush Soda Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 915 Soda Saga is classified as a hard level so you can expect to lose a few lives befor eyou manage to pass it.
You have to rescue three bubble bears but the good thing is they are floating in green soda, which will give you lots of fish every time you make a match in the soda.
Level 915 Soda Saga seems to be more doable on mobile devices than PC's, so if you don't normally play on mobile it may be a good idea to try to change to mobile for this level.
Combos are best as these will give you loads more fish.
You really do need special candies and combos as simple matches of three just won't give you enough fish to clear the blockers when you get to the final board and can see the candy string.
Work as close to the top as you can to get the bears up the board in as few moves as possible, especially on the second board, which is actually the hardest.
The final board is not difficult as there are plenty of moves available, but if you used up all your moves getting through the first 2 boards you won't be able to get through the thick blockers in the moves you have left.
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luckylau said...

Hard level..been playing over 2 weeks now,can't get to the 3rd board and if I do I only have 2 or 3 moves left. Guess this is another level where you have to wait gorgeous that lucky board. It'd also not easy to make combos..

Anonymous said...

Seriously,,,, just can't get past this one.