Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 902

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 902 Candy Crush Soda Saga without boosters by Cookie
Level 902 Soda Saga is classified as a hard level, so you can expect to lose a few lives before you manage to pass it.
There are three boards to clear and the first board has no bears in the bottom row of honey, so no need to clear that.
Wrapped candies are brilliant for clearing honey, especially if you can get them down into the gaps between the honey. Otherwise use whatever combo you can make to clear the honey in as few moves as possible.
The second board is not so hard, but it will still eat up moves if you are not very careful.
As usual the final board is the hardest and this is where you need the powerful combos. If you can make a Rainbow Kimmy here you can almost clear the board with one move, otherwise you need stripe/wrap combos and colour bombs switched with any other special candy.
Take your time and look at the board carefully before every move as you will not have any to waste on pointless moves. Work as close to the bottom as you can but check the top also. I needed just one move to complete this so I used some of my free gold from the challenges to buy extra moves.
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Anonymous said...

I've been trying this level every day for 2 weeks now. I've got down to 1 bear left but now really fed up.

Sherry626 said...