Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 792

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 792 Candy Crush Soda Saga without boosters by Cookie
The jam begins in the middle of the board, and also in the middle square at the bottom, under the frosting.
You can forget about the jam, it will be spread as you play. What you need to concentrate on is clearing the blockers in the bottom part of the board as they are what will stop you passing level 792.
Use stripes, colour bomb combos and any other special candies you can make which will have an effect on the bottom blockers.
Remember fish will only target blockers if they are not carrying jam, if they are carrying jam they will head for empty squares if there are any.
Look carefully at the board before every move and especially check the bottom part of the board for moves if there are no good combos to be made at the top.
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PJ Rack said...

This level is really ticking me off. I'm on level 792 so I obviously know how to play. I've been stuck on other levels before but at least I felt like I could figure out a good strategy and just do it until it worked. With this level, I can't figure what is best to do. Do I first try to make fish without jam so they'll hit the blockers? Use moves at the bottom right away or wait until I have a special candy and it will drop? What about the blow-ups near the liquorice? Do I go ahead and clear them right away? Then the liquorice start coming. I know not to worry about the jam. It will spread on its own. That's not really a tip. Anyone have anything else? I'm stuck. And not even getting close. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I've been stuck on this level for months.