Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 700

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 700 Soda Saga without boosters.
Level 700 is yet another hard level, but it is also interesting because the candies start off exactly the same in every game, so you can try different moves at the start to see what works best for you.
Although the candies start the same, they don't always fall down the same, once you have made a few moves the random element begins to take over.
With care you can make a colouring candy or colour bomb pattern with the purple candies in the first few moves, or at least some purple fish.
Fish will always be worth making on this level as they will target the soda bottles or licorice which you need to clear.
There are not many moves so don't waste too many on trying to make purple combos, if you can't get one in a couple of moves forget it and use fish.
Unfortunately as the board moves a lot of special candies and combos are lost if you don't use them, so it isn't worth trying to save them.
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Elless said...

Phew Managed to get this on my third go but only because the board fell well. Go for matching 4 purple to get the fish as this removes a lot in one go. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous level. When I finally got to the last screen I used several striped hammers I'd earned till I got the bear above the string. I was absolutely sick of this level. The board moves up and you never see the special candies you've made again.

Stallmarti said...

Going to give up. Goodbye
Not fun anymore