Candy Crush Soda Saga level 658

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 658 Soda Saga without boosters.
Get the jam spreading and look for special candies, you will need lots of combos to complete this level.
Once the jam is spreading your main focus should be on clearing the blockers in the bottom part of the board. To do this you will need lots of powerful combos like colour bomb/stripes and colour bomb/fish.
Wrapped candies don't help much unless switched with a stripe. Wraps will spread jam quite well, but won't help with clearing the blockers, which are the biggest problem.
Look carefully before every move to see if you can make a colour bomb, but don't waste too many moves trying to make one, if you can't make one in one or two moves forget it and move on.
I used extra moves to clear this level as it harder than it looks, I needed one more move to complete so it was worth using some of the gold I won on the bubblegum hill challenges.
If you are a PC player and would like to play the challenges you can download the BLUESTACKS app which allows you to play mobile apps on your PC.
Video below.
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Don Gurian said...

There are not enough moves on this board. I will probably make this my last as it is BORING

Anonymous said...

Agree - I had not played CCSS in quite a while (since they stopped doing bubblegum hill challenges) and after a few failed attempts at this level I now remember why I stopped playing. Just a boring level made hard by the lack of moves.

Anonymous said...

You guys scared me to death with this one. So I used my fish booster and looked for every opportunity for color bomb fish combos. Got it first time after that. I'd generally rather use a booster and get past a level I don't like and spend lives on more interesting levels.

Anonymous said...

Your levels are so very challenging. You must play them for weeks or even months to pass. Candy Soda is the only game that will not let you win any boosters. You really need to "up" your games...let us win once in awhile!!