Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 655

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 655 Soda Saga without boosters.
Level 655 is classified as a hard level by King so you can expect to lose quite a few lives before you manage to complete it.
You need lots of patience and a fair amount of luck, but I'll try to give some tips which I hope will be helpful. 
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The jam is in the 4 corners under the frosted squares, so these will need to be cleared before you can begin to spread the jam, use fish for this and if you can unlock the colour bomb in the middle and switch it with a fish this will go a long way towards clearing them.
Once the jam is exposed you have the task of spreading it! This is easier if you can keep the fish sitting in the jam at the top so that when they are moved they will take the jam with them.
If you still have the colour bomb when the jam is exposed use it on one of the fish colours to get the jam moving. Failing that use it on one of the colours of the stripes at the bottom, either one will get the jam moving.
Once the jam is out of the corners keep checking the board carefully as you will need special candies and combos to spread it around, matches of three won't be enough to do the job.
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Anonymous said...

This is another of those levels I will spend a couple weeks on until the lucky board comes along. I've used the tips recommended, but it seems fish combos become harder to make as the game progresses. I will say that fish are the special candies to move this along the best, particularly in the end. I've gotten to needing only 2 jellies, so I can see it can be done, but....

Anonymous said...

This level is ridiculously difficult. King has it programmed so the fish become virtually useless once the four corners hiding the jelly are exposed. Completing this level will require the "magic" board as skill has little bearing on the result.

Anonymous said...

Agree with comments above. Ridiculous! Boring! No skill required

Anonymous said...

If you get a kimmie, You are golden

William Lawrence said...

I guess I will quite Candy Crush Soda. The version of level 655 that appears on my iPhone, my computer, and my surface is not what I see here in the "help" topics. My version has 32 blocked squares, not 4, and I have 30 moves, not 40. There is no physical way that all of this can be cleared with 30 moves. I've had double chocolates and many other stellar combinations. There just can't be enough.

chaotica anonymous said...

I agree with William Lawrence; 32 blocked squares, not 4. And 30 moves. This is so frustrating.