Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 616

Best hints and tips showing how to pass level 616 Soda Saga without boosters.
Clear the jelly cake in as few moves as possible. Once the jelly cake is gone a candy will fall down beside the colour bomb and the colouring candy at the bottom.
Now you have the colour bomb, the colouring candy AND the sprinkleshell to use to clear as much honey as you can.
Look very carefully at the candies on the board and decide whether it's best to take away a colour before you use the colouring candy, or change the colours first, then take one away. This will depend on the colours of candy you have as well as the colour of the colouring candy.
Level 616 takes a bit of luck as well as a lot of concentration and planning, but it is doable without boosters as the video below shows.
Once you have used the colour bomb and colouring candy you will get more as long as there is room for them to fall down into.
Look at the board very carefully before every move as there are not many moves and you can't afford to waste any.
Video below
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