Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 598

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 598 Soda Saga without boosters .
Bring 4 bubble bears past the candy string in 40 moves to pass level 598 Soda Saga
To begin with you will need to burst any soda bottles to get the soda level up.
The bubble bears are hidden in the frosted squares, which you will need to clear in as few moves as possible. Get the bears floating up near the top of the board so the board can move up and show the candy string.
Use the purple candies whenever possible.
When you uncover the colour bombs which are hidden in the frosted squares, use them fairly quickly before the jelly cakes are cleared otherwise you will lose them.
The jelly cake bombs need to be cleared, use wrapped candies whenever possible as they will give you 2 hits on the cakes, or a stripe/wrap combo which will also clear cupcakes from the top of the board. Whenever possible make matches between the jelly cakes to hit them both at the same time.
Level 598 can be a very frustrating level, but if you get plenty of purple candies it is very much easier.
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