Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 239

Best tips showing how to pass level 239 Soda Saga
Your moves are very restricted to begin with so just make the best moves you can which will clear some frosting and allow you to work towards the bottom of the board.
As you clear the frosting you will find 2 colouring candies hidden lower down the board. Switch them with another special candy if you can, a wrapped candy is best or even a colour bomb!
This may not be possible so if that's the case just switch them with a colour that will give you most of one colour and thereby a chance to make more special candies.
There are only four colours on the board so once you have a clear space to work look for special candies and combos with every move. Work as low down on the board as you can to take advantage of any cascades that will clear frosting without you wasting moves.
Look carefully at the board before every move as there may be good moves near the top and you don't want to miss colour bombs and colouring candies.
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