Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 222

Best tips showing how to pass level 222 Soda Saga without boosters played by Cookie
Level 222 is classed as a hard level by King so you can expect to lose a few lives before you manage to pass.
Your task in level 222 Soda Saga is to collect 2 bears, nothing else! So there is no need to clear the whole board, although by the time you have uncovered the bears you will probably find that the board is cleared anyway.
There are lots of pink fish in the top half of the board but you will find the bears in the bottom half so that is where you need to be clearing.
Use any special candy and combo you can make to work your way down into the cupcake blockers which are hiding the bears.
Fish are not the most useful special candy on this level so don't waste moves making them as they are just as likely to go where there is nothing to uncover as where you need them, but use them if you have nothing better.
Once you can see where the bears are start to concentrate on those areas as much as you can.
Remember to check the whole board before every move so you don't miss any good specials and combos.
Video below.

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