Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 168

Best hints and tips showing how to pass level 168 Soda Saga without boosters.
Burst as many soda bottles as you can to begin with and look for stripes to unlock the locked bears. Any time you get a chance to unlock a bear take it as you may not get another for too many moves.
Keep bursting bottles and work up through the honey using as many special candies and combos as you can.
Once you can see the candy string you should work on clearing the honey to allow the bears to float up. Fish are best seitched with another special candy, but remember that fish will always go to a soda bottle first, even if it is hidden in honey, so they may take your stripe away from where you need it.
Look carefully at the whole board before every move and as the soda fills the board work as near to the top as you can.
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