Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 162

The best tips showing how to pass level 162 Soda Saga without boosters.
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Level 162 is classified as a hard level by King, so you should expect to lose a few lives before you pass it.
The secret to passing level 162 Soda Saga is fish! Make fish whenever you get the chance as they will go straight to the bears and the licorice won't be a problem as it will for stripes and other combos.
Right from the start you need to be checking the board carefully for the best moves. Clear some licorice first so you don't get too much falling down onto the second board, but don't waste too many moves on doing that.
A fish switched with a sideways stripe is the best combo for the first board as it will take a layer off the whole row where the bears are.
The second board is a bit trickier and the less licorice you allowed to fall the better, but again fish are the answer. Switch 2 fish together if you can or a colour bomb/fish combo is better still.
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