Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 587

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 587 Soda Saga without boosters.
Don't worry about the jam at the start, in fact it's better if you don't spread it to begin with.
The fish will go to the blockers and help clear them if they are not carrying jam, so leave the jam where it is until you have used fish to clear some of the frosting in the corner sections.
Fish switched with a stripe is the best for getting those hard squares. 
Once the fish are carrying jam they will not target the blockers unless they don't have anywhere else to go.
Colour bomb/fish combos switched away from the jam are best for clearing frosting, and once you get down to 15 moves or so it's time to start spreading jam. The same combo switched in the jam is good for getting the jam well spread, or a colour bomb switched with a stripe in the jam also.
If you start spreading jam too early you will have to cover the whole board before the fish will go back to targeting the frosting.
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