Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 574

Hints and tips showing how to pass level 574 Soda Saga without boosters.
There are two parts to level 574, so you need to collect the bears from the first part in as few moves as possible to have a chance of completing the level.
Once into the second part of the board you have to make combos to have any chance of clearing it.
Colour bombs switched with anything else , stripe/wrap combos etc.
Clear the black candies using combos and then try to work in amongst the honey at the bottom.
But it is important that you check the whole board before every move as you really can't afford to miss any chance to make a powerful combo.
Video below


Anonymous said...

The game on the video clip here is pure luck. I've been stuck for days on this level.

Anonymous said...

This is a ridulous level. No particular problem with the first screen but it's a different matter with the next screen. No number of combinations seem to allow you to get to the bears at the bottom. Double sprinkle balls, double colouring balls are no help. Have tried many times and am always left with 7-10 bears to clear.

Ultramum said...

Been stuck on this for nearly two weeks. Need to get a 'lucky' board I think

steersbylitning said...

Been stuck on this for several close once or twice...but most of the time it's a real PITA. I'm getting bored with it.

MrRetro607080 said...

Just started it, will be though with 2 parts and 30 moves

Anonymous said...

Been stuck on this level for weeks. I did not c any way to complete this level. There just aren't enough moves to finish second part