Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 517

Hints and tips for level 517 Soda Saga
The jam starts off in the bottom part of the board under the honey covered squares.
The jam also has wrapped candies sitting on it, so once you clear the honey you can explode the wraps and spread the jam over quite a lot of the bottom part of the board.
However you need to get the jam up into the top part of the board and this can be done using either fish or stripes, or a combination of the two.
Remember that fish will only spread jam if they are carrying some, so they need to be in the jam when you switch them.
The fish which fall down in the top part of the board will clear blockers, but won't spread jam until they are actually in the jam themselves.
Check the whole board before every move and especially look for purple candy matches of 4 or 5.
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