Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 508

Hints and tips for level 508 Soda Saga
There is a colouring candy hidden under the frosting at the bottom of the board. (See image)
When you uncover the colouring candy try to switch it with another special candy for best effect.
It may be useful switched with a normal candy but more likely it will be wasted.
Also under the frosting and blockers are some pink fish bags which will be helpful.
The main thing is to clear the blockers as quickly as possible, once the board is opened up you will find it fairly easy to make special candies and combos, but if you don't clear the black candies straight away don't worry too much, they will be cleared as you work on making your combos.
Remember to check the whole board before every move, there is no time limit so no need to rush.
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