Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 495

Hints and tips for level 495 Soda Saga
How to pass level 495 Soda Saga.
Level 495 needs lots of powerful combos to clear the honey and rescue the bears.
You will need to work as close to the bottom of the board as possible, but at the same time look at the rest of the board because you need to take any opportunity to make colour bombs.
If or when you do make a colour bomb switch it with either a fish or a wrapped candy. Stripes are OK switched with a colour bomb, but are never as effective as fish or wraps as the stripes go randomly around the board and often miss the bits you really need, whereas fish will always target the bears and wraps will give you two massive explosions and the second explosion will be around the bottom of the board where the honey is.
Once you can make matches in the bottom keep looking at the rest of the board for combos, as matches of three in the bottom will take a lot of moves and a good combo elsewhere will clear much more honey.
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