Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 493

Hints and tips for level 493 Soda Saga
How to pass level 493 Soda Saga
Fish, fish and more fish is the answer to level 493.
There are multiple boards and on each board you can see where the bears are as they are under only one or two layers of honey.
There are special candies also hidden in the honey but don't waste moves trying to uncover them, they will be used on the following boards.
Any special candies you don't use will be there on later boards to use.
Switch any special candy with fish, doesn't matter what it is, stripe/wrap or colour bomb, the fish will direct the blast to where the bears are.
There are some colouring candies on the first 2 boards, try to switch them with another special candy if you can.
Especially try to save fish for the final board as there is a lot of licorice blocking your moves but this won't be a problem for the fish.
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ok! It’s time for a lucky board. I have used the boosters suggested by the help website to no avail and this level is getting BORING!!! A level having four different puzzles to clear is to timely and very boring after trying dozens of time. Please have mercy on your players of this game and let them pass before deciding to say “goodbye” and quit this stupid and frustrating game.