Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 490

Hints and tips for level 490 Soda Saga
Rescue the bears from the honey.
At the start of level 490 your moves are very restricted so you have to take the best moves you can to try to open up the board and give you room to work.
Fish are only useful if switched with another special candy so unless you don't have a better move there's no point making them to start with.
Make moves that clear the most blockers.
Once the black candies are gone you can start to work on clearing the honey, use as many combos as you can, wrapped candies are especially good at clearing honey as they will take two layers as long as they are touching the honey when you switch them.
Switch two wrapped candies together, or better still a colour bomb and wrap.
Once the board is open it's fairly easy to make specials and combos, so concentrate on that and check the whole board before every move to make sure you don't miss any good moves.
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