Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 485

Hints and tips for level 485 Soda Saga
Collect bears from the frosting. There are 18 bears to collect and some of them are in really tricky places, at each side under the dispensers and in the bottom sections which are all separated from the main playing area.
To beat level 485 Soda Saga you will need lots of combos, particularly stripe/wrap combos and fish combos.
If you manage to make a colour bomb try to switch it with another special candy, especially a stripe or fish, as these will get to the hard squares and help to clear them.
There are some special candies hidden in the frosting but they need hitting lots of times so while you are clearing them you need to be making your own specials ans combos.
Look carefully at the board before every move and don't waste moves trying to make special candies that won't do you any good.
Allow the combos to fall into positions where they will hit the most difficult squares before you switch them.
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