Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 484

Hints and tips for level 484 Soda Saga
How to pass level 484 Soda Saga spread the jam.
This level is extremely hard! You need loads of powerful combos to clear the blockers and spread the jam over the whole board.
Probably the best way to complete level 484 is with a rainbow Kimmy.
Colour bombs are not to difficult to make and with some luck you may be able to get one together with a colouring candy and clear the board.
If you can't manage that you will just have to keep making colour bombs and switching them with any other special candy you can. Switching with stripes is probably the least effective, not because it doesn't clear blockers and spread jam, it does, But because it messes up the board and leaves you less chance to make another colour bomb.
The most effective are colour bomb/wrap combos or colour bomb fish, as these will clear a lot of blockers and spread a lot of jam but will leave the board with less colours so making more colour bombs or colouring candies should be easier.
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