Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 215

Hints and tips for level 215 Soda Saga
The aim of level 215 Soda Saga is only to rescue the bears, not clear the board.
The bears can move position with every game you play, but are usually on the left half of the board, and on the right are bags of pink fish.
As you begin to make moves licorice will fall from the dispensers at the top of the board which will block your moves if you allow it to take over too much.
Before you begin look at the whole board and see which is the best move to make, then do this with every move.
Ideally you want to be making moves near the bottom of the board to take advantage of cascades, which will clear frosting for you without wasting moves.
Any combo is better than a simple match of three candies, so look for special candies with every move. Remember, there is no need to clear the whole board!
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