Candy Crush Soda Saga level 479

Hints and tips for level 479 Soda Saga
Before you make any move look at the whole board carefully and see which move will give the best advantage. You are looking for clearance of the thickest blockers and also what will give you the best follow on moves.
Although you want to be working as close to the bottom as you can, look first to see if you can make special candies higher up, then when there are no better moves go back to the bottom. Never make matches of 3 at the top of the board without a really good reason.
The middle part of the board has fish dispensers so it is worth using a few moves to unlock them, there will probably be a bear hidden there too.
Use the sprinkleshell to clear difficult blockers or to make combos, don't save it, there is no advantage in saving it.
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