Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 461

Hints and tips for level 461 Soda Saga
You must first get rid of the black candy blockers by matching beside them, as well as clearing the cupcake blockers at the bottom.
The blockers have to be cleared but if you concentrate on them too much you won't spread the jam.
Once the black candies are gone there will be some wrapped candies in the top part. If you can explode these just before they leave the jelly they will spread it a few squares to give you a start, otherwise make fish in the jam to spread it around a bit. Sometimes you can get a combo in the top part, stripe/wrap or fish /wrap, use it if you do, don't try to save it as the top parts are very erratic.
Then keep making combos to break the blockers and spread the jam at the same time.
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Anonymous said...

Time to delete this game! Can't get more than 5 bears. No longer fun! By