Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 458

Hints and tips for level 458 Soda Saga
You will need quite a bit of luck to clear level 458, as there are very limited moves in a restricted board.
There are not many colours so making special candies is not difficult, but it's almost impossible to set up moves as the board moves in a clockwise direction and the two lines move independently of each other.
The best strategy for level 458 Soda Saga that I have found it to first check the board very carefully to find the best move possible and don't try to save moves as you will lose the chance. ie: if you see a chance to make a colour bomb, make it and hope you can get another special candy next to it.
You will need stripes and fish ideally to get to the blockers in the middle of the board.
If there are no moves to make a special candy or combo, work in the top left to cause the candies to move around as much as possible, and with luck the cascades will give you some good specials.
Use the sprinkleshell as soon as it's full to move the largest amount of candies.
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