Candy Crush Soda Saga Level 435

Hints and tips for level 435 Soda Saga
The jam is under the honey in the four squares at the top of the board so you need to clear the honey before you will be able to spread it.
The jam will be carried onto the main part of the board by the fish which are sitting in the jam, so once you clear the honey you will need to move the fish with either a stripe or combo or a colour bomb.
You only need to uncover one of the jam covered squares to get the jam spreading.
Once the jam is on the main part of the board work on spreading it by making specials and combos.
Fish can be useful on jam levels as they will take the jam to empty squares that otherwise may be difficult to reach.
Work as close to the bottom of the board as you can but look carefully for moves higher up so you don't miss good moves which will complete the level faster.
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Anonymous said...

I am finding this level to be impossible. Has anyone managed to pass it yrt?

Anonymous said...

I just can't do this level I'm going to have to give up